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20070/03  GP PRO Brawny® Professional D400 Disposable Cleaning Towel, Tall Box, White
$ 127.71

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GP Pro Brawny Professional D400 DRC Wipers

Product Code : 24-20070

Absorbent & Reusable

Brawny Professional D400 premium white, all purpose double recrepe (DRC) wipers are engineered to offer excellent bulk, softness and absorption capacity. DRC or double-recreped wipers are primarily comprised of cellulose fibers. These wipers are absorbent and reusable, yet disposable when contaminated or excessively soiled. DRC is the material of choice for most "medium duty" applications and ideal for use to clean up both water-based and oil-based products while being versatile enough to be used for personal use. These cost-effective wipers come in a convenient, portable tall dispenser box for added protection and quick and easy one-at-a-time dispensing. Wiper (WxL) 9.250" x 16.300"

Manf: GP Pro / Georgia Pacific® #20070
Packed: 10/90's per carton

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