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SSA North® 33` x 40` Silver Shield® 4H® Laminated Protective Apron
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North® Silver Shield® 4H® Laminated Aprons

Product Code : 50-SSA


North® 33" x 40" Silver Shield® 4H® Laminated Protective Apron features a five-layer fabric compacted into 2.7mil. Laminating a high-energy polymer (EVOH) with a low-energy polymer (PE) creates a fabric impervious to at least 90% of all organic chemicals for four hours at 35°C (95°F). Each layer acts as a barrier against various epoxies and industrial chemicals. Protects against splashes and spills. The apron is large enough to cover the front of the body and is easily adjustable using the attached ties. One size fits all. 33" x 40"

Manf: North® #SSA
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