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100-93-363638 PIP® CleanTeam® Tacky Floor Mats - 36` x 36`
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PIP® CleanTeam® 36-in x 36-in Tacky Mats

Product Code : 96-100-93-363638

    Numbered Layers

Tacky Floor Matsare placed in the entrances of rooms to remove particulates, germs and debris from the bottom of shoes, wheeled machinery and/or work carts. Before gaining entrance, workers are required to contact or step on these PIP® CleanTeam® brand mats which feature an adhesive coating. This coating removes and holds foreign debris and the transfer of contaminates is completed. The result is a cleaner work environment. Made from incinerable polyethylene film, CleanTeam® adhesive floor mats are available in different colors and are individually numbered to provide easy traceability and identification. The sheets will peel apart easily.

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Manf: PIP® Cleanteam® #100-93-363638
Packed: 30 per layer, 8 layers per carton (240)

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