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#10770B OraBrite® Stage 3 OraDent Premium Sparkle Child Toothbrushes
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OraBrite® OraDent Sparkle Toothbrushes

Product Code : 40-10770B

IOraBrite®  Ideal for Ages 4-7 Years of Age

These OraBrite® Oradent Premium Sparkle stage 3 toothbrushes use different colors with bright nylon bristles matching the handle colors-available in blue sparkle with green or yellow; clear sparkle with pink, yellow or blue handles that appeal to kids. High quality 6.12 end rounded nylon soft bristtles, oval head with narrow neck and easy to grip wide ergonomic 6" handle. Compare to Oral B Stages 3.

  • Custom decorating is available-please contact MDS for details.
Manf: OraBrite® #10770B
Packed: 72 per case

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