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DEB Stoko  #SBS100ML SBS-40 Medicated Skin Cream

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Deb Stoko® SBS® 40 Medicated Skin Cream (100ml)

Product Code : 65-900

Proven Results! Ideal For Glove Associated Irritations

Deb Stoko SBS® 40 is a superior medicated skin cream that conditions and soothes skin while it replaces the natural oils stripped away by a day's work. Soothes dry, chapped skin.  Alleviates the skin rashes, irritation and itching associated with dermatitis. Non-irritating, non-greasy and silicone-free. Effective and proven-ideal for professionals who wear latex or nitrile type  gloves. Absorbs quickly. Best if applied three times a day. 100ml  tube

Manf: Deb / Stoko #D63SBS100ML
Packed: Sold Individually

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