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Used once and then disposed, an estimated 100 billion pairs of gloves (pre-pandemic) are tossed in the garbage each year resulting in growing piles of gloves resting in landfills each year. Laid out end-to-end, that’s enough to stretch to the moon and back 30 times.  Sadly studies have shown it can take 200+ years for gloves to biodegrade and it is expected to increase vastly with a growing population and lingering pandemic.

Take the next step in sustainability and consider a healthier glove choice for our planet. SW's EcoTek® Technology and SHOWA's Eco-Best Technology® (EBT) are both GreenCircle Certified. Vegware's Plant-Based PLA food hamdlers are certified compostable. These sustainable technologies are some of the newest glove technologies available that's making a positive impact and reducing landfill, carbon footprints and reliance on fossil fuel based resources. Be sure to consider PIP's ECOSeries™ of knitted work gloves featuring fibers made from recyclyed PET water bottles and reclaimed polyester yarns!

The following gloves offer exceptional protection without damaging our ecosystems and they perform, fit and function as their regular glove counterparts. Our biodegradable glove line also includes a wide and growing range of hand protection for single-use applications and tasks including food service, food processing, chemical handling, cut safety, gardening, handing dangerous illicit street drugs and more. 

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